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Padel Development Plan



The LTA’s vision “Tennis Opened Up” is about making tennis more accessible. It’s about breaking barriers to entry and growing the game of tennis. One of the LTA’s key strategies is to find new ways to grow participation, and padel is an innovative format of tennis that’s fun, flexible and easy to play.

Integrating padel into the LTA has provided an immediate platform to facilitate the organic growth of the sport, with tennis venues throughout Great Britain already exploring the potential opportunities it can bring to a facility.

Growing a minority sport from scratch in a country that loves its mainstream sports is a challenging task. This development plan has identified six growth enablers – the essential ingredients that collectively will ensure the sport is able to scale up over the next four years.

  1. Places – increasing the number of courts
  2. People – building a coach and activator workforce
  3. Programmes – making it easy to learn how to play the sport
  4. Pathway – providing the environment to help players reach their potential
  5. Partnerships – working with partners to accelerate growth
  6. Promotion – raising the visibility of the sport to attract players & fans


Explore our Padel Devlopment Plan for 2020-2023 in more depth below:

View Padel Development Plan 2020-2023


We ran a series of one hour practically-focussed webinars hosted by Tom Murray our Head of Padel. Below you can watch the recording of our Padel Development Plan webinar:


Find out about the Padel Development Plan in this one hour practically focused webinar hosted by Tom Murray Head of Padel.


Want to know more about padel?

Below you can explore how to get started, alongside info on the different courts and venues, coaching opportunities, and the national team

Learn more

Frequently asked questions

If you have any padel questions then please see our FAQs or send us a message here.

How to get started playing padel

From the basic rules to the equipment you’ll need, here’s the lowdown on all things padel.

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