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LTA immigration endorsement policy


The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is the Home Office’s recognised governing body for setting the endorsement requirements and issuing endorsements for clubs and sportspeople in tennis in the United Kingdom.

Under this points-based system, tennis clubs will need to obtain a sponsor licence from the Home Office in order to bring coaches from outside the United Kingdom. Clubs must obtain from the LTA a governing body endorsement, both for their sponsor licence and for individual coaches.

The LTA’s governing body endorsements are only issued subject to satisfactory compliance with all immigration regulations, UK legislation, the principles of the Points-Based System and in accordance with LTA’s Governing Body Endorsement Policy. Each endorsement will be considered against the relevant requirements and the information provided to the LTA at the time of the request. The information provided to the LTA may be disclosed to UKVI in the event that they investigate the LTA’s processes and procedures.

The LTA’s Governing Body Endorsement Policy explains the LTA’s endorsement criteria and application process which is approved by the Home Office.

Under the UKVI points based system, migrants need to pass a points-based assessment before they're given permission to enter or remain in the United Kingdom. For more information on the points-based system please refer to the UKVI website.

The International Sportsperson route is for elite sportspeople and coaches who:

  • are internationally established and whose employment will make a significant contribution to the development of their sport at the highest level in the UK
  • who will base themselves in the UK
  • will be filling a post that cannot be filled by a suitable British citizen or person who has a right to enter or stay in the UK without restriction.

The LTA’s Governing Body Endorsement Policy is to be used for all international sportsperson governing body endorsement requests made on or after the 14 June 2021. The requirements will be reviewed annually.

LTA Governing Body Endorsement Policy

Visiting the UK for sport

In addition to issuing endorsements for clubs and sportspeople, the LTA may also provide a letter of invitation for players and/or agents of world-ranked players and/or business visitors. This letter may be necessary to assist with appropriate UK visa entry for the individual on a sports visitor or business visitor basis.

The LTA won't provide specific advice to visitors on immigration matters. Foreign nationals intending to visit the UK are advised to refer to the UKVI website for further information on whether they'll need to obtain a visa before travelling to the UK.

Guidance on the type of visa and documents required in support of an application for a visitor visa is available through the following links:

Check if you need a UK visa

Visit the UK as a Standard Visitor

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