I Love The Game...! But Here's What I Think Will Make Me Love It More...!

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    Oui, I'm Kaneki and I'm loving this game...! I literally just downloaded it yesterday (Wednesday) and couldn't stop playing it..! But..! I have some ideas that shouldn't be to challenging to add into the game..!

    1.) An Animation For When You Land On The Ground From A Jump Or From A High Place...!
    I think this would be awesome because when you land in game you just sort of stay standing..(and i know all the bones in my legs would disappear) buuut you could make it so the soldier (Levi in this case) lands sort of crouching a little one knee almost hitting what he/ she lands on, and his/ her arms going away from the body or a little bit behind the body..! (This would I think make it look a little more smooth...I Think...)

    2.) An Animation For When You Have A Hook In The Wall And The Soldier Is On The Wall As Well...!
    What I mean by this is when you hook on to a tree for example and you DON'T use your gas so you "wham" into the tree...! What could change this is if you add an animation where the soldier, right when he/ she hits the tree, bends his/ her legs onto the tree (remember this is just an example..) and puts one arm up onto the tree, sorta like when Eren saw someone (no spoilers..!) get eaten by an abnormal and grabs onto the buildings' edge except its on a flat surface...!

    3.) Add The Classic Salute..!!
    >This is a MUUST..! You need to add the salute and I know you know what I'm talking about..! There's no need for me to say anymore... (Give Your Hearts..!)
    4.) An Animation For When You Have Both Hooks Attached And You're Skidding On The Ground...!
    >I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT YOU ADDED THE SLIDING ANIMATION WHEN YOU'RE ON THE GROUND REELING IN...! But, I think you should add something for when you have both hooks in a "V" like formation (Like in the picture added in the end and I know that's only training X3...) and you're reeling in, i think you should make it so when you do that the back/ butt of the soldier is scraping on the ground..! (like in the same scene as described from before in the "Hook and Soldier On Wall" Idea..!) In my opinion I think this would add more "life" into the game then it already has..!

    5.) An Animation For Running Up Walls...! (Final Idea..But If You Need More I Can Think Of More Hehe..!)
    >This is nice and simple to explain...I think you should add an animation for running up vertical surfaces..! This would also, in my opinion, add more life to the game then it already has...!

    If you have read this post Thank you sooooo much...! To both the Developers and the other Soldiers...! And Developers I hope you take these ideas into consideration because I want to see nothing but the best for this game because it's already really good..! And if you are already working on some of these ideas before reading this I'm glad because that means you guys are already ahead of making a great game...! Anyways good luck with your game I only wish for the best for you and this game, So Give Your Hearts To This Game..! *Salutes!*
    From Another Attack on Titan Fan (And all Animes XD)
    ~Kaneki Ken[​IMG]
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